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Our printed maps have been used by visitors around the SE Queensland for over 30 years and more recently you can see them online at

We publish seven maps covering the Sunshine Coast region with a combined distribution of 250,000 which we plan to double within the next 24 months to 500,000.

Visitors to the Sunshine Coast are given our maps when they ask a local business for directions or advice about the local area.

Our service culture in SE Queensland means we welcome and help visitors with their questions about the local area and facilities. One of the best ways to do that is to offer a free map so we can give helpful directions and provide a local insight into a nearby service, café, club or shop.

Visitors really appreciate the friendly help which is enhanced when they are given a free map of the area with useful information and personal advice.

Because there is a perceived value to the printed map its often kept and referred to during their visit which means advertisers have a much greater chance of being noticed.

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Mobile App

To further increase our usefulness to visitors and broaden our reach to include local consumers we have launched our mobile map which is designed to work in conjunction with our countertop maps. 

The mobile map means visitors can click through to your website, click the ‘call’ button to speak directly to you or use the mobile functions to get directions from where they are. There are many other useful features and more to come.    

As a ‘thank you’ to our loyal advertisers there will be no extra charge for your listing to be shown on the mobile map. 


Distribution to visitors and locals is through Tourist Information Centers …and other places that have contact with large numbers of visitors and residents such as hotels, motels, clubs, fuel stops, activity centers, food outlets, and real estate agents

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The map is updated and printed once a year and distributed to stockists and the online map can be edited as required.   

Each advertisement is given 12 months exposure, and this combined with our distribution to the target market makes a very cost-effective means of promoting your organisation. 

Advertisers have the flexibility to renew, edit and update their ad every 12 months.