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As well as this web site we publish seven maps covering the Sunshine Coast region which are given away to visitors and locals at numerous shops, hotels, motels, fuel stations and visitor centres.

This online map means you can get directions on your phone, easily call the place you want to go to or click on their website.   

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As a matter of interest:

  • We enjoy an average of 300 days of sunshine per year
  • Sean Connery once owned Mudjimba Island and is now publicly owned and is part of the Maroochy River Conservation Park
  • Mount Coolum is the world’s second largest rock behind Uluru so when visitors are no longer allowed to walk up Uluru you’ve always got Mt Coolum!
  • The 35km long Pumicestone Passage is recognised as one of the most important bird and marine habitats on the east coast of Australia.
  • The Coast was originally called Near North Coast before it was named the Sunshine Coast in 1966 after an eight-year debate about the name
  • The Sunshine Coast covers an area of 3,127 square kilometres making it roughly the same size as California’s world-famous Yosemite National Park.
  • The Glass House Mountains are remnants of volcanic activity that occurred about 25–27 million years ago.
  • Captain Cook named the Glass House Mountains as you probably know, but did you know a lot of UFO reports come from around that area?
  • In the 2018 year the SSC welcomed over 12.5 million visitors from Overseas, within Australia and Day trippers.